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Laboratory Type Knife Mill LB 160

Product Features

LB 160 Laboratory Type Knife Mill Model




Type: Blade Mill - Crusher Grinder


Body: Monoblock Cast Body


Lining Plates: Mn.Cr Alloy High Strength Casting


Motor Power: 1.5 KW 380 V 50 Hz - 220 V Optional


Disc Shredders, Compact design, continuous feed-continuous mill operating on the principle of getting fast results can be obtained.

Grain Size max. 30 mm. which is, mine, chemical, etc. grinding of materials in different grain sizes.

In metallic mines with a hardness of 9 mohs, very fine (eg, -100 micron) sizes are readily obtained gradually.

Interchangeable cartridge sieves provide the final result in different grain sizes.


For example, 0-100 microns, 0-250 microns, 0-500 microns, 0-800 microns, 0-1 mm, 0-2 mm and so on. grain size output can be taken.


Milled Material is collected into the Milled Product Container located at the bottom of the Mill.

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