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Laboratory Type Roller Crusher LB 250

Product Features

LB 250 Model Laboratory Type Roll Crusher


Technicial Specifications :


Grain Size: -10 mm


Output Grain Size: 0-3 mm. Min. (Adjustable)


Rollers: Cr Alloy Casting Hardened by heat treatment.


Capacity: 10-20 kg / h


Motor Power: 1.5 KW / 380V, Motor Protected Thermal Switch.


Noise Emission Level: Max. 85 dB


Dimensions: 650 * 1100 * 780 (Width * Length * Height) Weight: 400 KG


LB 250 Roller Crushers are secondary type crushers. They are used for crushing hard and medium hardness mines with a grain size of max.-10 mm. Crushing is carried out between the hardened steel rollers in motion.

When the rollers are brought to the ‘0’ point, the finest product is obtained. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted in different openings by means of a lever.

Mounted on a table type steel platform, the material with reduced grain size is collected in the sliding drawer at the bottom. The platform is designed to be mounted on laboratory benches.

* All our laboratory devices and their spare parts are designed and processed on CAD based programs and our spare parts are kept in our stocks continuously.

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