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Laboratory Type Blade Crusher LB 260

Product Features



Technicial Specifications


Crushing-Grinding Chamber Diameter / Length: 160mm. / 240 mm.          Engine Power: 2.2 KW-1400d / d


Laboratory Scale Knife Crushers have external blades made of steel construction.


The fed material cuts between the blades on the rotor and the grinding wall.


The sieve is interchangeable so that different grain sizes can be obtained. The cutting blades can be re-used by inverting.


Feeding Size :  <max. 50 mm. (Feed size may vary according to material.)


Output Size : min> 0.5-1 mm (Different grain can be obtained.)


Width * Length * Height: 500 * 700 * 900mm.


Sample Materials that Can Be Broken: Fiberglass, plastic-containing materials, wood pieces, etc.

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