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LB 300 Pilot Type Jaw Crusher

Product Features

USAGE AREAS : It is used for crushing fragile materials (soil, rock, cement, clinker, glass, raw material, ceramic, fertilizer, coal, metal oxides, etc.), especially hard and very hard mines.




Jaw Crusher, outer body is made of steel construction. Since the main principle in Jaw Crushers is breaking, the machine body is manufactured with heavy type construction. One of the most important points is the Machine Main Bearing and Bearing

Selection. Heavy type flywheel type pulley is used in machine motor drive. Jaw Crusher pitman is manufactured as steel casting.

Casting Jaws are manufactured from Casting which can break ores in hard and very hard class. Crusher jaws are alloy casting resistant to wear and are hardened by heat treatment. It has a jaw structure that can be used to break minerals with high abrasion. Jaws are interchangeable.

Our Jaw Crushers are projected in CAD-based programs. All leveling and turning processes are also shaped on high precision CNC machines.

Machine outer body, all welded productions are subjected to stress relieving process. 

Stress relief is an important detail to get "ZERO ERROR" results in the leveling operations to be made on the body.




İnput Size    : 300 x 200 mm. Materials of this size can be broken.

Output Size : 5-10-20-30-40-50 mm.

Motor Power : 11 KW / 1000 d / d | 380V

Capacity: 1000-2000 kg / hour (Capacity varies according to the type of material to be crushed and the grain size to be obtained as a result of crushing.

  • The machine is mounted on a steel platform.
  • The material passing through the crusher is collected in the product collection chamber at the bottom of the platform.
  • Broken material can be easily removed from this hopper in the form of a trolley collection container.
  • In addition, Bunker and Vibratory Feeder are offered optionally so that feeding can be made to the Jaw Crusher if requested.

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